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XRPS Added to XRP Forensics Advisory: Community Members Weigh In


The XRPS project, stirring considerable attention in the cryptocurrency community, has been recently added to XRP Forensics (XRPLF). This development comes amid growing concerns over the project's legitimacy and its impact on the XRP Ledger () network. Prominent community members have voiced their opinions, painting a vivid picture of the controversy.

XRP Forensics' Advisory Inclusion

XRP Forensics, a platform dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of the XRPL, has placed on its advisory lists. This action equates XRPS with accounts known for spamming random accounts with memo messages, indicating potential risks associated with the project.

Community Reactions

Notable voices within the XRPL community have expressed strong opinions about XRPS:

  • @alloynetworks: Criticizing XRPS for its high transaction rate, approximately 300 transactions per ledger, and its use of public infrastructure. This is seen as a burden on all network operators.
  • @shenxcrypto: Raises red flags about the technical understanding of those behind XRPS. The use of the term “Ripple Blockchain” is highlighted as either a sign of ignorance or a deliberate attempt to mislead, suggesting possible fraudulent intentions.

The Impact on the XRPL Community

These developments and reactions have significant implications:

  • Network Strain: The high volume of transactions attributed to XRPS could potentially overload the network, affecting its performance and reliability.
  • Credibility Concerns: The association of XRPS with misleading terminology and practices raises questions about its credibility and intentions.
  • Community Vigilance: The XRPL community's active involvement in calling out potential scams is a testament to its commitment to maintaining a safe and transparent ecosystem.


The inclusion of XRPS in XRP Forensics' advisory lists and the subsequent reactions from key community members highlight the need for vigilance and thorough vetting in the cryptocurrency world. It underscores the importance of community-driven oversight in maintaining the health and integrity of blockchain networks. As the situation evolves, it remains crucial for investors and participants to stay informed and cautious.

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