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Are you an enthusiast looking for valuable insights, analytics, and (Anti-Money Laundering) data? Look no further! Welcome to , your trusted resource for all things related to the XRP Ledger.

Our Journey: From XRP Forensics to XRplorer

XRplorer has its roots in XRP Forensics, initially conceived as a community-driven initiative dedicated to combating fraudulent activities on the XRP Ledger. Today, we stand as a robust platform built upon a foundation of cutting-edge technology, with a graph database representation of the complete XRP Ledger, powered by Neo4j. Our mission is clear: to provide services and tools that help prevent and combat fraudulent activities on the XRPL.

What Sets Us Apart

The XRP Ledger operates as a public blockchain with no central authority that can freeze or retrieve funds. Once transactions are made, they are irreversible. At XRplorer, we understand this limitation and focus on what we can do:

  1. Flagging Illicit Activity: We identify and flag accounts associated with illicit activities. Our data is integrated into APIs used by exchanges and other entities for AML compliance, allowing them to monitor deposits and potentially withhold funds involved in illicit transactions.
  2. Automated Fund Tracing: We continuously monitor movements of funds, providing real-time notifications, regardless of how old a case may be. This proactive approach helps identify suspicious transactions promptly.
  3. Warning Users: In the event of a scam, we alert wallet software and exchanges using our API, cautioning users not to send funds to flagged accounts.

How to Take Action

If you've been a victim of fraudulent activity, here's what you can do:

  1. Submit the Address to XRplorer: We maintain the largest advisory list database on the . Submit the details of the suspicious account here, and we'll take it from there.
  2. Report to Law Enforcement: Report the incident to your local police and, if available, use your country's online report form for cybercrime or financial crime.
  3. Follow Up: We collaborate with law enforcement agencies and can help them combine cases across jurisdictions, providing valuable intelligence to aid in investigations.

What to Expect

While we can't reverse transactions, we strive to have funds seized when they exit the XRP Ledger. We treat every report with equal importance and have successfully assisted in returning funds to victims. However, please note that we receive numerous reports daily, and we'll only contact you if there's good news.

Our Products and Services

At XRplorer, we offer a range of products and services tailored to your needs:

  • AML Advisory List API: Gain access to our advisory list, enabling real-time reactions to deposits of illicit funds. Integrate it into your AML workflow to protect your users from scams.
  • Compliance Toolbox: Simplify investigations with XRPL-specific tools that help you “follow the money.” Our toolbox streamlines complex tasks, including extrapolating clusters, tracing money, and browsing the ledger.
  • Custom APIs: Supplement XRPL APIs with on-demand data retrieval, providing market- or product-specific insights. We also offer private API solutions.
  • Analytics and Consultation: Whether you need crime investigations, consulting, monitoring, testing, visualizations, or other XRPL-related services, we're here to assist you.

Find out how XRplorer can help you navigate the XRP Ledger securely and confidently. Trust XRplorer for unparalleled insights, analytics, and AML solutions.

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