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Xaman Emerges: Xumm 2.6.0 Update Ushers in Multi-Network Support and Brand Evolution

Xumm's Transformation into Xaman: A Strategic Rebrand

The recent transition of Xumm to Xaman marks a significant milestone in the platform's history. Adopting the name ‘Xaman', inspired by the Maya god of commerce, the rebranding aligns with the company's vision of integrating retail and blockchain. This move symbolizes more than a simple name change; it reflects the company's growth, maturity, and its ambition to tackle future challenges in the landscape. The journey from XRPL Labs to Xumm, and now Xaman, highlights a series of achievements and critical developments.

The rebranding to Xaman is a clear indication of the company's commitment to providing a top-tier self-custodial wallet experience and to revolutionize the retail sector by merging cryptocurrency and commerce, while maintaining a unique presence in the XRPL ecosystem.

Highlights of the 2.6.0 Update:

  1. Multi-Network Support: The latest update brings a crucial feature – seamless navigation across different XRPL networks. This allows users to switch between networks like XRPL and Xahau while keeping the same r-address, enhancing consistency and control in digital transactions.
  2. Rebranding to Xaman: The update represents a major leap in the company's journey towards enhancing user experience.
  3. User-Focused Features: The update includes a more organized and intuitive user interface.
  4. Inclusion of New Transaction Types: The update extends the platform's capabilities, introducing transaction types like SetHook and Hooks, particularly for the Xahau network.
  5. Extended Account Label Length: Users can now use up to 64 characters for account labeling, allowing for more detailed and structured account management.
  6. Readiness for Xahau: The update ensures the platform is fully equipped to support the Xahau network's complexities.

Phased Rollout of the Update

The rollout of the 2.6.0 update follows a phased approach, with users receiving it randomly within a week. It requires manual installation via the App Store or Play Store, or it will be updated automatically for those who use the auto-update feature.

The Significance of Multi-Network Support

One of the key features of the 2.6.0 update is its Multi-Network Support, which simplifies the process of navigating across various XRPL networks. With Xahau offering advanced smart contract capabilities as a side chain of XRPL, Xaman's support for multiple networks shows its commitment to adaptability and forward-thinking. This feature enables users to effortlessly move between different networks, ensuring they stay connected to the most relevant blockchain developments.

Additional Enhancements

Beyond the main features, the update includes improvements to the user interface, language translations, and overall user experience. These enhancements aim to create a more seamless and user-friendly platform.

Encouraging Users to Upgrade

With the launch of version 2.6.0, Xaman (formerly Xumm) encourages users to update their apps to access new functionalities and improved performance. This update is a testament to the company's dedication to continuous growth and evolution, striving to provide a more clear and enriched experience within the ecosystem.

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