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Xahau’s Smart Contract Sidechain Marks a Milestone in XRPL Evolution

Xahau Launch
Xahau Launch

The XRP community is buzzing with excitement following the launch of the Xahau whitepaper on August 28th. This groundbreaking project, backed by XRP Labs, GateHub, , Evernode, and others, introduces a new era for the ecosystem. In this report, OnXRP explores the key highlights, tokenomics, and unique features of Xahau, touted as the pioneer of smart contracts on the XRP Ledger.

Xahau's Foundation: Built on XRPL's DNA:

Xahau is not just another addition to the XRPL ecosystem; it represents a significant leap forward. Built on the foundations of the XRPL, Xahau seamlessly integrates with the XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol, offering a dedicated sidechain that opens doors to a realm of possibilities. This development has stirred immense enthusiasm within the XRP community, driven by the promise of innovative opportunities.

Tokenomics and Burn2Mint Mechanism:

At the heart of Xahau's token ecosystem lies the Xahau XRP, lovingly referred to as XRP+. This unique token derives its origin from XRP burned on the XRPL, a process facilitated by the Burn2Mint mechanism. This innovative approach not only enhances user security but also upholds the integrity of the project. By allowing users to independently verify their Burn transactions, Xahau eliminates the need for third-party validation, emphasizing trust and reliability.

Initial Distribution and Community Concerns:

While Xahau's potential is undeniable, the distribution of Xahau XRP has sparked some debate within the XRP community. A total of 600 million XRP+ tokens have been earmarked for distribution, with each allocation serving a specific purpose:

  • Each of the eight Governance Game validator seats receives 12 million XRP.
  • GateHub is allocated 16 million XRP to bolster DEX stablecoin liquidity.
  • secures 160 million XRP for intellectual property support.
  • The XRPL Foundation safeguards the XRPL protocol's health with an allocation of 328 million XRP.

Community concerns have arisen, with some fearing that the influx of 600 million XRP+ tokens could flood the market at its current XRP mainnet price. However, it's crucial to recognize that the intent behind this distribution is to foster the network's growth and utility, extending far beyond short-term financial gains.

Xahau's introduction as the first smart contract sidechain for the XRPL ecosystem marks a pivotal moment in its evolution. With innovative tokenomics, an inclusive governance approach, and a commitment to long-term sustainability, Xahau is poised to redefine the XRPL landscape. While initial distribution concerns are valid, they should not overshadow the community-driven vision that underpins Xahau's journey towards a thriving ecosystem.

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