Xahau Codebase Successfully Passes FYEO’s Comprehensive Security Audit

In a significant development for the Xahau Network, FYEO, a renowned security audit firm, has completed a thorough security evaluation of Xahau's codebase. This audit has affirmed the network's commitment to robust security, highlighting the absence of asset loss or unauthorized access. In this article, we delve into the details of this comprehensive security audit, shedding light on its importance and outcomes.

A Milestone Achievement

The successful completion of 's security audit stands as a pivotal moment in the journey of , emphasizing its dedication to maintaining a secure environment. The audit report underscores the network's strong codebase, extensive testing procedures, and the absence of vulnerabilities that could jeopardize its security.

Audit Insights and Highlights

To gain a deeper understanding of the security audit's findings and insights, you can explore the detailed report provided by FYEO here. This comprehensive document offers a comprehensive overview of the audit process, the tests conducted, and the outcomes.

FYEO's Role in Governance

As Xahau Network prepares for its launch, FYEO has been honored to be designated as one of the initial Governance Game Validator Seats and Security partners. This recognition highlights FYEO's pivotal role in contributing to the safety and security of Xahau and the growing ecosystem around it.

Commitment to Ongoing Security

FYEO remains dedicated to supporting Xahau, XRPL Labs, and Xaman Wallet with continued security services. This includes conducting audits and ongoing monitoring to safeguard both the internal code and external threats.

Audit Findings and Remediation

During the security audit, FYEO identified various issues and vulnerabilities, categorized by severity. These findings were addressed and remediated by the XRPL Labs team, ensuring that Xahau's codebase met the highest security standards.

The assessment was conducted remotely by the FYEO Security Team over a period from October 01 to October 27, 2023. The objectives included providing an assessment of the overall security posture, evaluating existing security measures, and identifying potential issues with recommendations for improvement.

The FYEO Process

FYEO's assessment process focuses on the codebase at a specific point when it is feature-complete. Their goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their security posture, assess the adequacy and efficiency of security measures, and identify potential issues and improvements.

The successful completion of FYEO's comprehensive security audit is a testament to Xahau Network's commitment to ensuring a secure and robust environment for its users. This milestone underscores the network's dedication to maintaining the highest security standards, which is essential for fostering trust and confidence within the cryptocurrency community.

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