Understanding Stellar Development Foundation (SDF): Part 2 – The Birth of SDF

In this video review series, we delve deeper into Stellar , shedding light on the birth and objectives of the (SDF). SDF is a non-profit organization established in 2014 with the aim of nurturing the growth of the open-source . Together with Stellar, SDF strives to unlock the global economic potential by promoting more fluid finances, open markets, and empowered individuals.

Stellar Development Foundation's Mission

SDF plays a pivotal role in maintaining the codebase of Stellar while fostering technical and business communities around the network. Additionally, it collaborates with regulatory bodies and institutions as a trusted partner. The ultimate goal is to make money more accessible, markets more transparent, and people more empowered through the Stellar network.

Video Link: Watch Part 2 of the Stellar XLM Video Series

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If you're eager to learn more about Stellar XLM and its mission, this video series is an insightful resource. Stay tuned for further installments in the series to gain a comprehensive understanding of this innovative blockchain project.

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