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The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) Welcomes XRP Ledger Foundation and Expands Global Impact

The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC), a dynamic multilateral coalition dedicated to fostering international collaboration, has made significant strides in its mission by welcoming the as an Associate Member. This addition marks a milestone for OSC, underscoring its commitment to embracing technology and innovation as a cornerstone of its growth strategy.

A New Chapter for OSC with XRP Ledger Foundation's Associate Membership

The partnership between the OSC and the @XRPLF (XRP Ledger Foundation) opens up new avenues for technological advancements and financial integration. The XRP Ledger Foundation's expertise in blockchain and digital finance is poised to provide valuable insights and support to the OSC's ambitious agenda.

OSC's Robust Diplomatic Endeavors and Country Engagements

Throughout the year, the OSC has successfully organized over 40 high-level meetings, signaling its proactive approach to diplomacy and international relations. With over 17 country visits, the organization has been a prominent voice for its members, participating in seven major summits and international conferences. These efforts reflect OSC's dedication to representing and advocating for the collective interests of its members on the global stage.

Advancing the Common Programme: Pioneering Projects in Education, Research, and Technology

The OSC has taken a visionary step by implementing the Common Programme for 2023–2024, launching eight flagship international projects. These initiatives, which cover Balanced and Inclusive Education, Transdisciplinary Research, Technology Development, and Finance, are set to commence in December. This program showcases the OSC's resolve to drive progress and innovation across multiple sectors, benefiting not just its members but also setting a benchmark for global development.

Togolese Republic's Full State Membership: A Testament to Unity

The ratification of the Constitutive Charter by the Government of the Togolese Republic epitomizes the expanding influence and unity of the OSC. By completing its full State Membership, Togo has reiterated its faith in the OSC's values and its vision for a collaborative future.

Leadership and Governance: Forging a Path Forward

The election of Prof. Norbert Hounkonnou as the first Chair of the Conference of Associate Members heralds a new era of leadership within the OSC. Under his guidance, the Conference of Associate Members has been activated, convening two crucial sessions.

Furthermore, the election of the President of the Union of Comoros, H.E. @PR_AZALI, as the first President of the General Assembly, is a momentous event that reinforces the organizational structure of the OSC and its decision-making processes.

The Inaugural Extraordinary General Assembly: Laying the Groundwork for Future Success

The first Extraordinary General Assembly of Member States and Founding States, convened in June 2023, was a landmark event for the OSC. This assembly was an opportunity for member states to align their visions, set strategic priorities, and chart a course for future collective action.

The Organisation of Southern Cooperation is on an unrelenting quest to solidify its role as a pivotal entity in international affairs. With the integration of the XRP Ledger Foundation, the expansion of its membership, and the launch of transformative projects, the OSC is not just witnessing growth; it is actively shaping a future where cooperation and development go hand in hand.

As the OSC continues to break new ground, its initiatives and leadership in balanced education, innovative research, and sustainable technology development are not only empowering its member states but are also contributing to the broader global narrative of shared prosperity and cooperation.

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