Stellar Unveils Open-Source Stellar Disbursement Platform to Revolutionize Digital Payments Worldwide

, the blockchain-based payment network, has launched the “Stellar Disbursement Platform,” an open-source solution aimed at transforming digital payments on a global scale. Developed by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), this platform offers fast, cost-efficient, and transparent mass payments utilizing digital assets for diverse applications, such as supplier payments, payroll management, and contractor compensation.

Empowering Mass Payments

Originally trialed for providing digital aid in Ukraine, the now boasts open-source code and is accessible for global implementation and further enhancement. This platform empowers users to send funds to thousands of recipients within seconds, serving applications like supplier payments, payroll management, and contractor remuneration.

The seamless integration with Stellar's extensive network, spanning over 180 countries, allows recipients to easily convert digital currency into cash.

Impact on Digital Aid and Payments

, the CEO of the Stellar Foundation, emphasizes the platform's influence on digital aid distribution and its evolution into a comprehensive payment solution. , the CEO of Circle, recognizes the platform's potential in advancing global payment practices, particularly in the humanitarian aid sector.

The launch of the open-source Stellar Disbursement Platform marks a significant step towards improving digital payments worldwide. In fact, a range of platform applications and integration with the streamline payment processes for individuals and organizations, ensuring faster and transparent transactions.

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