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Setting Up Trust Lines on the XRPL: A Guide to Receiving Tokens Securely

Understanding trust lines on the (XRPL) is crucial for anyone looking to engage with the diverse range of tokens it supports. Trust lines act as a gatekeeper for your wallet, giving you the control to choose which tokens you are willing to accept. This guide will simplify the concept of trust lines and show you how to set them up, ensuring your XRPL transactions are secure and tailored to your preferences.

What Are Trust Lines on the XRPL?

Think of trust lines as permissions you set in your XRPL wallet to tell it exactly which tokens you are open to receiving. Without setting up a trust line for a particular token, your wallet will not accept it. This differs from other blockchain networks like Ethereum, where anyone can send you tokens, sometimes without your consent, potentially putting your wallet at risk.

Setting Up Trust Lines: The Basics

To set up a trust line on the XRPL, you need to allocate a reserve of 2 XRP, which is deducted from your balance. This reserve is refundable; if you decide to remove the trust line later, the 2 XRP is released back into your balance. Remember, you'll also need 10 XRP to activate your XRPL account initially.

Setting Up Your First Trust Line with XAMAN (Xumm) Wallet

Let's walk through the steps of creating a trust line for the BAYNANA token:

  1. Navigate to a Trust Line Service: Visit or and search for “”.
  2. Verify the Token: Carefully ensure you are setting up a trust line for the correct token. Confirm details like the issuer's wallet and the token supply, and use official project resources for verification.
  3. Set the Trust Line: Locate “BAYNANA” from the list, and click on “Set TrustLine”. Confirm the action in the prompt that follows.
  4. Scan the QR Code: A QR code will appear, which you'll scan using your , confirming the transaction and establishing the trust line.
  5. Confirmation: 2 XRP will be deducted, and the BAYNANA trust line will be added to your wallet, enabling you to receive and store BAYNANA tokens.

Setting Up a Trust Line with a Ledger Wallet

If you're using a Ledger hardware wallet, the process is slightly different:

  1. Connect to XRPL Toolkit: Go to and connect your Ledger wallet after opening the XRP app on your device.
  2. Import Account: Select your account and import it into the toolkit.
  3. Add Asset: Click on “+ Add Asset”, then “Custom Edit” to manually set up the trust line.
  4. Enter Details: Input the issuer's address, the HEX code for the currency (if it's more than three letters), and the token limit, which represents the total supply.
  5. Sign and Confirm: Click “Next” and complete the action using your Ledger device, which will set up the trust line and list it among your assets.

A Word of Caution

Always perform due diligence when setting up trust lines. Only set trust lines for tokens you trust and intend to use. Each trust line uses a portion of your , so be mindful of how many you establish.

Trust lines on the XRPL offer a layer of security and discretion, putting you in control of which tokens enter your wallet. Whether you're using a mobile wallet like XAMAN or a hardware wallet like Ledger, setting up trust lines is a simple yet essential process for engaging with the XRPL ecosystem.

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