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Protect Your Assets: Avoid the Scam Chrome Extension Posing as XUMM Wallet

Attention all users and crypto enthusiasts! It has come to our attention that a fraudulent Chrome extension is masquerading as the reputable XUMM App in the Google Web Store. This article serves as a crucial warning: Do not install the counterfeit XUMM App extension. Protect your digital assets by being informed and vigilant.

What is the ?

XUMM is a premier self-custody wallet designed exclusively for the XRP ledger. Developed by XRPL Labs, XUMM stands out as the #1 choice for users seeking secure and direct control over their XRP assets. The wallet's impressive user base of 143,483 unique monthly active users attests to its popularity and reliability.

The Deception: A Fake Chrome Extension

A fraudulent version of XUMM has been spotted in the Chrome Web Store. This scam extension is not affiliated with the authentic XUMM Wallet, which is available solely as a mobile application. There is no browser extension version of XUMM. The impostor app poses a significant threat to users, potentially leading to asset theft and privacy breaches.

Immediate Action Required: Reporting the Scam

If you come across this fake XUMM extension, do not download or install it. Instead, take immediate action by reporting it for abuse to the Google Web Store. Your proactive measures can help protect the community and prevent the spread of this deceptive application.

The Power and Security of the Genuine XUMM Wallet

The authentic XUMM Wallet offers a suite of features that empower users and developers alike:

  • Non-Custodial Advantage: XUMM grants users full control over their assets with no intermediaries, enhanced by secure access through passcodes or biometric identification like fingerprint and Face ID authentication.
  • Multi-Account Management: Manage multiple XRP Ledger accounts seamlessly with XUMM, ensuring diversified control without sacrificing security.
  • Rapid Transaction Settlement: The XRP Ledger's consensus algorithm boasts transaction completion in 4 to 5 seconds, with the capability to process up to 1500 transactions per second.
  • Uncompromised Safety: XUMM's security measures are top-notch, with rigorous audits and the option to integrate with Tangem NFC hardware wallets for an extra layer of protection.
  • Extensive Developer and Retail Integration: XUMM is not just a wallet; it's a platform where developers can introduce their apps to users, unlocking the full potential of the XRP Ledger for both technical and retail purposes.

Beware of Imitations: XUMM's Commitment to Safety

Scams like the fraudulent Chrome extension prey on the uninformed, but XUMM's commitment to safety and user empowerment is unwavering. Always ensure you are using the legitimate XUMM Wallet by downloading it directly from official sources and staying informed about the latest security updates and advisories.

The scam Chrome extension posing as XUMM is a stark reminder to always remain cautious and to only trust verified sources when dealing with cryptocurrency assets. XUMM remains a secure and robust platform for all XRP Ledger transactions, and it is vital to report any suspicious activity immediately to safeguard the community. Remember, XUMM is a mobile-only wallet with no browser extension—any claims to the contrary are simply false.

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