Improving Transaction Transparency: The fix1623 Amendment

The fix1623 Amendment, identified by Amendment ID 58BE9B5968C4DA7C59BA900961828B113E5490699B21877DEF9A31E9D0FE5D5F, is a noteworthy improvement on the XRP Ledger. It focuses on enhancing transparency and providing users with additional transaction information.

Transparency Matters

Transparency is a key aspect of any blockchain network, and the XRP Ledger is no exception. Users and stakeholders benefit from having access to comprehensive transaction details to understand the flow of funds and verify the accuracy of their transactions.

The CheckCash Transaction Enhancement

The fix1623 Amendment specifically targets CheckCash transactions. These transactions involve the redemption of a previously issued Check, which can be for a flexible or fixed amount. The amendment pertains to CheckCash transactions for a flexible amount.

Delivered Amount in Metadata

With the fix1623 Amendment enabled, a significant change is introduced. It adds a “Delivered Amount” field to the metadata of CheckCash transactions when they are cashed for a variable amount using the “DeliverMin” field. This Delivered Amount field is appended to the transaction’s metadata and is visible to users.

Ensuring Data Consistency

While this enhancement provides valuable information to users, it’s important to note that it does not impact the actual amounts delivered in transactions. Instead, it contributes to data consistency and transparency.

User-Friendly Access

Additionally, when the fix1623 Amendment is enabled, users can access the “Delivered Amount” field when querying transactions using the “tx” method or “account_tx” method. This means that users can easily retrieve and verify the delivered amount associated with specific CheckCash transactions.

The fix1623 Amendment represents a positive step toward improving transparency on the XRP Ledger, specifically in CheckCash transactions with variable amounts. By adding the “Delivered Amount” field to metadata and enabling user-friendly access, it empowers users with more comprehensive transaction information, contributing to trust and confidence in the network.

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