Important Updates from Crypto Corey: Maintaining Community Etiquette in CryptoLand

, the visionary behind the exciting CryptoLand project, has taken to social media this Sunday morning to address some pressing matters. Here's a summary of his key points:

Support Channels

Corey emphasizes the importance of using designated support channels for any and all support-related needs. He's giving a final warning – if he spots technical support issues or slanderous comments on his timeline, he'll suspend posting privileges. The newsfeed will then be exclusively reserved for official team updates and announcements. Corey's goal is to keep the newsfeed informative and accessible for those interested in , but it's being obscured by unrelated posts.

Understanding Actions

Corey points out that a lack of understanding doesn't always mean something is broken or incorrect. He urges users to read and comprehend all variables before confirming any action within the game. Costs and earnings are itemized before actions are confirmed. Miners, for example, pay a CRYPTO cost to access mines and find Cryptopium. Theft costs go to the blacksmith, army, and knights, while taxes go to Royalty. If users find themselves with no CRYPTO, it may be because they spent without a proper strategy. CryptoLand is a strategic game, and players may need to learn through trial and error.

3. Community Etiquette: Corey wants the community to engage with each other positively, but if privileges are abused with cluttered timelines filled with complaints or nonsense, he may consider abandoning posts altogether and focusing solely on being a gaming platform.

Community Response

  • Commenter “Crypto world” acknowledges the need for positive engagement and suggests laying out standard do's and don'ts in the default section.
  • Another commenter, “Pie,” expresses understanding of the situation and the importance of adhering to rules. They highlight the need for responsibility with freedom and wish everyone luck in the CryptoLand caves.

It's essential to note that the Cryptoland game project is currently facing allegations of at , which may be adding to the community's concerns.

In summary, Crypto Corey is striving to maintain a positive and productive atmosphere within the CryptoLand community. He urges users to utilize support channels, understand actions before confirming them, and engage positively. The community response suggests a willingness to cooperate and respect the platform's rules. As CryptoLand continues to grow and innovate in the crypto gaming space, community etiquette will play a vital role in ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for all users.

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