Google Bard Favors XLM Over XRP, Citing Greater Decentralization

Following the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT, which created significant buzz, other powerful AI platforms, such as Google Bard, emerged in the field of artificial intelligence.

Google Bard's Preference for

Finbold requested Google Bard to provide a comparative analysis of (XLM) and (XRP) in terms of utility and investment potential and to select one for investment while providing substantial arguments. In the end, Google Bard favored Stellar.

Reasons for Choosing XLM

Google Bard provided detailed information about both Stellar and the XRP token but concluded that it would prefer to invest in Stellar, citing its “significant potential to disrupt the financial industry and provide accessible financial services to people worldwide.”

Additionally, Google Bard noted that Stellar is “more decentralized,” making XRP “more vulnerable to a single point of failure.” It also praised Stellar for its “community-oriented approach,” although acknowledging that XRP has a “larger and more active community.” However, it pointed out that a larger and more active community can be a disadvantage, as it can make XRP more susceptible to price manipulation.

Comparative Analysis of XLM and XRP

In terms of specific comparisons, Google Bard found that XRP and Stellar are similar in transaction speed (3-5 seconds), fees (“very low, typically less than a penny”), and technology (distributed ledger) with minor differences in purposes—XRP facilitates “fast, cheap, and secure cross-border payments for banks and financial institutions,” while Stellar provides the same but for “individuals and enterprises.”

Furthermore, Google Bard stated that XRP is more scalable than Stellar, making it “a better choice for high-volume applications, such as cross-border payments between banks.” However, it noted that “XRP is more volatile than Stellar” and faces a potential lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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