FeeEscalation Amendment: Prioritizing Transaction Processing on the XRP Ledger

The FeeEscalation Amendment, distinguished by its Amendment ID 42426C4D4F1009EE67080A9B7965B44656D7714D104A72F9B4369F97ABF044EE, is a significant development on the XRP Ledger. It introduces changes to transaction prioritization, improving the way transaction costs are considered in the consensus process. This amendment aims to enhance the efficiency and fairness of transaction processing.

Key Features of the FeeEscalation Amendment:

1. Introduction of a Transaction Queue:

  • The FeeEscalation Amendment introduces a fixed-size transaction queue designed to accommodate transactions that could not be included in the previous consensus round.
  • Transactions in this queue are prioritized based on their transaction cost, with those offering higher fees given precedence.

2. Prioritizing Higher Transaction Costs:

  • During each consensus round, transactions from the queue with the largest transaction cost (Fee value) are prioritized for inclusion in the ledger.
  • The consensus network processes as many transactions as it can during each round.

3. Drop Mechanism for Excess Transactions:

  • If the transaction queue reaches its maximum capacity, transactions start to drop from the queue. The dropping process begins with transactions offering the lowest transaction cost.

4. Encouraging Fairness and Efficiency:

  • Legitimate users can ensure their transactions are processed promptly by offering a higher transaction cost, especially during times when the consensus network experiences heavy load.
  • This mechanism aims to strike a balance between prioritizing high-value transactions and preventing excessive backlog.

5. Transaction Queue Lifecycle:

  • A transaction remains in the queue until it is applied to a validated ledger, regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.
  • It can also be removed if it becomes invalid (e.g., due to LastLedgerSequence expiration) or if there are too many transactions with higher transaction costs in the queue.

The FeeEscalation Amendment brings vital enhancements to the transaction processing system on the XRP Ledger. By introducing a transaction queue and prioritizing transactions based on transaction cost, it ensures that users who are willing to pay more for faster processing receive the service they expect. This amendment promotes fairness, efficiency, and responsiveness in the network, contributing to a smoother and more reliable experience for participants in the XRP ecosystem.

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