ExpandedSignerList Amendment: Enhancing Signer Lists on the XRP Ledger

The ExpandedSignerList Amendment, identified by Amendment ID B2A4DB846F0891BF2C76AB2F2ACC8F5B4EC64437135C6E56F3F859DE5FFD5856, brings notable improvements to signer lists on the XRP Ledger. This amendment expands the maximum signer list size and introduces the concept of optional data associated with each signer. These enhancements open up new possibilities for smart contracts and offer greater flexibility in identifying signers, particularly in larger organizations.

Key Features of the ExpandedSignerList Amendment:

1. Increased Signer List Size:

  • Prior to this amendment, the maximum signer list size was limited to 8 entries.
  • With the ExpandedSignerList Amendment, the maximum SignerList object size is expanded to accommodate up to 32 entries.

2. Optional Data for Signers:

  • One of the significant additions introduced by this amendment is the ability to associate optional data with each signer.
  • This data can be employed to identify the signer, which can be particularly valuable in the context of smart contracts or for pinpointing key controllers within a large organization.

3. Use Cases for Optional Signer Data:

  • Smart Contracts: Smart contracts can leverage optional signer data to provide context or instructions to signers, making the contract execution process more versatile.
  • Organizational Control: In large organizations, the optional data can be used to specify relevant information about who controls a particular key, such as an IPv6 address or Hardware Security Module (HSM) identifier.

4. SignerListSet Transaction Modification:

  • The SignerListSet transaction is adapted to accommodate the changes brought by this amendment, allowing users to include optional data for signers.

The ExpandedSignerList Amendment is a significant step forward in enhancing the functionality and adaptability of signer lists on the XRP Ledger. By expanding the maximum signer list size and introducing optional data, this amendment caters to various use cases, including smart contracts and large organizational setups. Users can now harness the power of optional signer data to create more sophisticated and context-aware transactions, contributing to the overall efficiency and flexibility of the XRP Ledger.

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