Enhanced Tracking of Escrows with the fix1523 Amendment

The fix1523 Amendment, identified by Amendment ID B9E739B8296B4A1BB29BE990B17D66E21B62A300A909F25AC55C22D6C72E1F9D, introduces significant improvements to the way escrows are tracked on the XRP Ledger. Prior to this amendment, pending escrows were primarily tracked by the sender. With this amendment, tracking extends to the destination account as well, offering enhanced visibility and accessibility.

Key Enhancements Introduced by the fix1523 Amendment:

1. Dual Account Tracking:

  • One of the primary features of the fix1523 Amendment is the ability to track pending escrows by both the sender and destination accounts.
  • This dual tracking ensures that users can conveniently look up pending escrows associated with their destination address using the account_objects method.

2. Improved Transaction History:

  • The amendment also enhances transaction history visibility by making EscrowCreate transactions appear in the destination’s transaction history when viewed with the account_tx method.
  • This improvement contributes to a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience when monitoring transaction activities.

3. Owner Directory Updates:

  • With the fix1523 Amendment enabled, new escrows are added to the owner directories of both the sender and the receiver.
  • This change streamlines the process of accessing escrow-related information, ensuring that it is readily available to the relevant parties.

4. DestinationNode Field:

  • The amendment introduces a new field called DestinationNode in Escrow ledger objects. This field indicates the page of the destination’s owner directory that contains the specific escrow, further enhancing transparency and organization.

The fix1523 Amendment significantly improves the tracking and visibility of escrows on the XRP Ledger. By enabling dual account tracking, enhancing transaction history, updating owner directories, and introducing the DestinationNode field, this amendment offers users a more robust and user-friendly experience when dealing with pending escrows.

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