DepositPreauth Amendment: Streamlining Deposit Authorization on the XRP Ledger

The DepositPreauth Amendment, identified by Amendment ID 3CBC5C4E630A1B82380295CDA84B32B49DD066602E74E39B85EF64137FA65194, brings a new level of convenience and flexibility to deposit authorization on the XRP Ledger. This amendment simplifies the process of authorizing specific senders to make direct payments to your account. By introducing a dedicated transaction type and ledger object for preauthorization, it empowers users to take control of their deposit preferences.

Key Features of the DepositPreauth Amendment:

1. DepositPreauth Transaction:

  • This amendment introduces a new transaction type called DepositPreauth.
  • Users can utilize DepositPreauth transactions to add or remove preauthorization for specific senders, streamlining the process of deposit authorization.

2. DepositPreauth Ledger Object:

  • The DepositPreauth Amendment includes a DepositPreauth ledger object type.
  • This ledger object is used to track preauthorizations from one account to another, providing a clear record of authorized senders.

3. Querying Preauthorization:

  • A JSON-RPC command, deposit_authorized, is introduced to facilitate the query of whether an account is authorized to send payments directly to another.
  • Users can easily verify their authorization status for efficient management.

4. Enhanced Cross-Currency Payments:

  • The behavior of cross-currency Payments from an account to itself is modified when deposit authorization is required.
  • Prior to this amendment, such payments always failed with tecNO_PERMISSION. With DepositPreauth enabled, these payments succeed as expected.

5. OfferCreate Transaction Improvement:

  • The OfferCreate transaction is enhanced to return tecEXPIRED when attempting to create an Offer with an expiration time in the past.
  • Previously, such transactions returned tesSUCCESS without creating or executing an Offer.

The DepositPreauth Amendment simplifies and streamlines deposit authorization on the XRP Ledger. By introducing DepositPreauth transactions, ledger objects, and query commands, it provides users with a convenient and efficient way to preauthorize specific senders for direct payments. This amendment enhances the overall user experience and ensures that cross-currency payments from an account to itself are processed smoothly. Additionally, it improves OfferCreate transactions by returning tecEXPIRED for offers with past expiration times, reducing ambiguity in transaction outcomes.

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