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Denis Angell Teases Major Developments in Crowdfunding and Xahau Hooks

Xahau Hooks Crowdfunding
Xahau Hooks Crowdfunding

In a cryptic message, Denis Angell, CEO of Transia, has alluded to something significant on the horizon, hinting at crowdfunding amendments and the integration of on the Xahau platform. Let's explore what these hints might entail and delve into the operational approach of Xahau.

Transparency and Decentralization with Xahau:

Xahau is committed to transparency and harnessing the power of blockchain technology to offer a truly decentralized platform. At its core, Xahau is focused on revolutionizing organizational structures through its DAO application.

The Xahau Approach:

1. Connect:

  • Developers interested in contributing to Xahau's projects start by submitting their resumes.
  • The governance board, which operates through a collective decision-making process, evaluates these resumes, ensuring merit-based selection.

2. Propose:

  • Participants have the opportunity to create proposals via the GitHub XLS discussion forum.
  • Unlike conventional voting methods, proposals are backed by financial donations.
  • When a proposal reaches its funding goal, a developer is assigned to bring it to life.
  • This process prioritizes proposals with strong financial support, fostering collective decision-making and a sense of ownership.

3. Administer:

  • Developers receive an initial 50% of their 70% payout as they commence their work.
  • Code reviewers, appointed by the governance board, ensure quality.
  • Reviewers receive 30% of the payout, shared equally among them.
  • Upon successful code integration, developers receive the remaining 50% of their payout.
  • The entire process is efficiently managed and facilitated by the governance board and hooks, guaranteeing fair compensation.

Core Principles of Xahau:

Xahau is guided by principles that strike a balance between decentralization and innovation, ensuring the reliability and security of its platform:

  1. Transparency: All transactions, votes, and proposals are recorded on the blockchain, fostering trust among users.
  2. Innovation: Xahau leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology for an efficient user experience.
  3. Autonomy: Every user has a voice, contributing to a platform where collective decisions drive true decentralization.

Denis Angell's intriguing teaser regarding crowdfunding amendments and hooks on Xahau has piqued curiosity within the blockchain community. Xahau's commitment to transparency, innovation, and autonomy sets the stage for potential groundbreaking developments. As the cryptic message unfolds, the world awaits to witness the next chapter in the evolution of blockchain technology and decentralized autonomous organizations. Stay tuned for more updates from Xahau and Transia.

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