DeletableAccounts Amendment: Empowering Account Deletion on the XRP Ledger

Deletableaccounts Amendment
Deletableaccounts Amendment

The DeletableAccounts Amendment, distinguished by Amendment ID 30CD365592B8EE40489BA01AE2F7555CAC9C983145871DC82A42A31CF5BAE7D9, brings a significant enhancement to the XRP Ledger. This amendment introduces the capability to delete accounts, providing more flexibility and control over ledger management.

Key Features of the DeletableAccounts Amendment:

1. Account Deletion Capability:

  • The central feature of the DeletableAccounts Amendment is the introduction of the ability to delete accounts.
  • Prior to this amendment, newly created accounts always initiated with a Sequence number of 1, and there was no mechanism to remove accounts from the ledger’s state data.

2. Improved Ledger State Management:

  • With this amendment in effect, newly created accounts start with Sequence numbers that match the index of the ledger in which the account is created.
  • This ensures that accounts deleted and subsequently re-created are protected from having their previous transactions executed again.

3. AccountDelete Transaction Type:

  • The DeletableAccounts Amendment introduces a new transaction type called AccountDelete.
  • This transaction type allows for the deletion of an account and specific objects owned by the account within the ledger.

4. Limitations on Deletion:

  • Certain types of ledger objects cannot be deleted using the AccountDelete transaction.
  • Additionally, an account cannot be deleted if the ledger’s current index minus 256 is less than the account’s current Sequence number.

The DeletableAccounts Amendment empowers the XRP Ledger with the ability to delete accounts, enhancing ledger management capabilities. This significant feature ensures that accounts, once deleted, are safeguarded against the execution of their previous transactions upon re-creation. The introduction of the AccountDelete transaction type offers a streamlined process for account deletion, although certain restrictions exist to maintain the integrity of ledger data. Overall, this amendment contributes to making the XRP Ledger more versatile and responsive to user needs.

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