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David Schwartz’s Perspective on Xahau: A Deep Dive

David “JoelKatz” Schwartz, a notable figure in the cryptocurrency realm, recently voiced his personal views on Xahau. This article delves into his perspective, highlighting the nuances of the hooks amendment and its implications for the XRPLF community.

The Hooks Amendment: A Brief Overview

The hooks amendment has stirred discussions within the Ripple community. While some opine that Ripple wasn't supportive enough, clarifies that hooks is very much on track. He emphasizes that any perception of Ripple not being supportive would be a failure of decentralization.

The Controversial PR

A pivotal event that garnered community attention was when @ opened a PR to import the hooks amendment into an XRPLF branch. The PR, accessible here, didn't gain much traction and was eventually withdrawn by @RichardXRPL. David Schwartz believes there was no concrete reason to decline the PR. He suggests that the main reason for its non-acceptance might be that many perceived it as a proposal to merge to the main branch, rather than an experimental one.

The Review Process: A Different Perspective

Though Schwartz wasn't directly involved in the PR review, he offers insights into how it might have transpired. He believes that even if the branch was experimental, the reviewers' mindset was likely akin to reviewing a PR for the main development branch. Comments from @nbougalis and @greg7mdp seem to corroborate this theory, as they approached the PR similarly to non-experimental PRs.

The Ideal Scenario

Reflecting on the situation, Schwartz thinks that if @RichardXRPL had positioned the PR as an experimental branch for ongoing development, its acceptance chances would have been higher. Such a proposal would have facilitated smoother development without any valid reason for refusal.

The and Dynamics

A prevalent misconception is the belief that most individuals will need to burn XRP to acquire XAH. David Schwartz counters this notion, stating that there will be various sources of XAH. He anticipates that these alternative avenues will likely become the primary methods to secure XAH. If Schwartz were to pursue XAH, he'd contemplate trading XRP for it on a DEX or utilizing a centralized exchange, based on feasibility and cost considerations.

David Schwartz's insights offer a balanced viewpoint on the hooks amendment and the related PR debate. As the future trajectory of Xahau unfolds, it's clear that transparent dialogues and understanding are pivotal for community advancement.

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