Coinme Integrates USDC Circle on Stellar, Revolutionizing Digital Finance Accessibility

Coinme, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation to bring USDC Circle to the global ecosystem. This integration aims to expand access to financial services, enabling individuals to seamlessly convert physical cash into fully backed digital currency and conduct transactions with ease.

Circle on Stellar: Bridging Financial Accessibility

The integration of USDC Circle on the via Coinme's wallet empowers anyone with physical cash to access fully backed digital currency through the Stellar blockchain. Users can now exchange their funds for USDC on Stellar and send them within seconds, all at a minimal cost.

Neil Bergquist, CEO, and Co-founder of Coinme, stated: “By incorporating USDC on Stellar into the Coinme wallet, anyone with cash can now use the Stellar blockchain to access fully dollar-backed digital currency. People can exchange their money for USDC on Stellar and send it within seconds for pennies. The combination of Coinme's extensive cash network, USDC, and the Stellar network is changing the game in the money transfer and payment market.”

Low-Fee USDC Transactions with Coinme

Coinme supports the largest cryptocurrency cash network through its API technology, with an expanding presence in over 40,000 locations across the United States. The capability to deposit and withdraw funds in USDC with low fees is available at thousands of Coinme-supported locations throughout the country. This integration offers millions of Americans who lack access to traditional banking services or have limited access to banking an alternative means to access essential digital financial services. USDC is a fully reserved digital asset backed by the US dollar.

Nearly Zero-Fee Sending and Receiving with Coinme Wallet

Sending and receiving USDC through the Coinme wallet is practically free for peer-to-peer transactions, facilitating nearly instant payments. These peer-to-peer payments allow anyone to experience the innovative payment infrastructure offered by Stellar. Coinme's physical presence in thousands of retail locations provides a tangible and real-world blockchain experience, making USDC on Stellar an ideal starting point for cryptocurrency newcomers.

USDC on Stellar: Engineered for Global Payments

USDC on Stellar offers nearly zero transaction fees and settles transactions within seconds, making it an ideal choice for global payments.

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, stated: “Our strategic partnership with Coinme provides more people with access to the digital economy. USDC on Stellar already provides nearly zero transaction fees within seconds, but this integration further simplifies depositing and withdrawing funds from Coinme locations in the United States. What Coinme has achieved is inspiring the rest of the blockchain industry, and today's milestone only strengthens what is shaping up to be a brilliant future for the Stellar network.”

This collaboration between Coinme and Stellar promises to democratize access to digital finance, offering fast, low-cost, and efficient financial services to a broader audience. The combination of Coinme's extensive cash network, USDC Circle, and the Stellar blockchain heralds a transformative era in the world of cryptocurrency and financial accessibility.

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