Changera Partners with MoneyGram and Stellar to Revolutionize Cross-Border Payments

Changera, a fintech startup founded in 2021 and based in Africa, has announced a strategic partnership with and Stellar. This partnership represents a significant step toward making cross-border payments more accessible and efficient on a global scale.S

Empowering Cross-Border Transactions

Under this collaboration, offers cash-in services in Canada, Senegal, Uganda, and Kenya, as well as cash-out services using the () through the . These services are available at MoneyGram agent locations in more than 180 countries. Users in the aforementioned countries can now deposit cash through their nearest MoneyGram agents into their Changera wallets, providing a fast and cost-effective solution.

Ruth Iselema's Perspective

Ruth Iselema, CEO of Changera, expressed her enthusiasm for this integration. She mentioned that the primary goal of this partnership is to simplify the use of Changera wallets for users. This initiative comes at a crucial time, as approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide do not have bank accounts, and 60% of the global workforce operates in cash-based economies despite having access to digital wallets.

Democratizing Financial Transactions

Changera's integration with trusted MoneyGram services marks a significant stride in its mission to democratize financial transactions regardless of users' geographical locations. It underscores the fintech company's commitment to expanding access to financial services for underserved and isolated regions in Africa and around the world. This reinforces Changera's position as a trailblazer in the African fintech landscape.

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