BP Ventures’ Stellar Support for ISO 20022 Opens Trillion-Dollar Market

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, , a prominent consulting and software development company, has achieved a significant milestone by introducing support to the Stellar blockchain. This development opens the door for migrating trillions of dollars' worth of financial sector transactions onto the , showcasing the potential of blockchain technology in modern finance.

Understanding ISO 20022

ISO 20022, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, is a global standard for data transmission between financial institutions, crucial for various types of electronic payments. By standardizing transmission protocols and compliance, companies can reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with financial transactions.

The Benefits of ISO 20022 for Stellar Network

BP Ventures (BPV) has introduced ISO 20022 support for Stellar's standardized rails, implemented through Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs) 9 and 31. As a result, payments and other asset transfers can now leverage the advantages of Stellar, such as 5-second settlement, low fees, and instant finality, while simultaneously processing all transaction metadata in accordance with the new ISO 20022 standard.

The impact of ISO 20022 extends beyond payments and includes various data types, such as transaction monitoring, customer reporting, asset settlements, and more. Therefore, early migration planning is crucial for financial institutions worldwide as they modernize their infrastructure.

Quote from BP Ventures

“The entire financial sector will need to restructure its operational processes to align with the ISO 20022 standard. This new integration into the Stellar network enhances operational efficiency while ensuring compliance with the new standard.”

BP Ventures, an American company specializing in blockchain software development and consulting services, has successfully integrated ISO 20022 support into the Stellar blockchain. This integration represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology within the financial sector. By facilitating the migration of trillions of dollars' worth of financial transfers to the Stellar network, ISO 20022 support underscores the growing importance of blockchain in modern finance, making transactions more efficient, secure, and compliant with global standards.

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