AUDD: Australia’s New Digital Dollar on the XRPL DEX

Novatti AUDD
Novatti AUDD

Exciting news is sweeping the cryptocurrency world as AUDD, the Australian Dollar by Novatti Payments, lands on the (Decentralized Exchange). This development opens up new avenues for Australians to access and leverage the XRPL Ledger, promising seamless transactions and increased accessibility.

AUDD: Australia's Digital Dollar

AUDD, short for Australian Digital Dollar, is Novatti's stablecoin designed to facilitate transactions and remittances across businesses and customers. Unlike other stablecoins limited to corporate transactions, AUDD is unlimited in its application.

Maximum Stability, Maximum Flexibility:

  • Backed by Real-World Assets: AUDD stands out by being backed on a 1:1 basis by Australia's sovereign currency (A$). This unique approach minimizes the risk of depreciation, providing maximum stability.
  • Pegged to A$: AUDD's value is pegged to the Australian Dollar, mitigating the price volatility often seen in non-stablecoins due to supply and demand imbalances.
  • Blockchain-Agnostic: AUDD is blockchain-agnostic, currently available on Stellar and the XRP Ledger, with Ethereum compatibility expected in August 2023. This versatility ensures broader usability.

Novatti: A Trusted Partner

Novatti Group, an ASX-listed fintech company, offers a wide range of fintech solutions, including payment processing, collaborative ventures with regulators, acceptance of digital wallets, and innovative technology platforms.

AUDD's Role in the XRPL Ecosystem

The integration of AUDD into the XRPL DEX presents several advantages:

  1. On/Off Ramp for Australians: AUDD serves as a new on/off ramp for Australians into the XRPL Ledger, making cryptocurrency transactions more accessible and convenient.
  2. Lower Transaction Fees: AUDD transactions come with lower fees, enhancing cost-efficiency for users.
  3. Instant Payments: The XRPL DEX's instant settlement feature ensures swift and hassle-free transactions.

The Future of AUDD:

The potential use cases for AUDD are vast and include:

  • Safe and Secure Payments: AUDD ensures secure transactions, bridging the gap between digital and fiat currencies.
  • Volatility Risk Mitigation: For crypto holders, AUDD can help lower volatility risk, especially on exchanges that don't support fiat exchanges due to regulations.
  • Seamless Fiat-to-Digital Transition: AUDD simplifies the transition between fiat and digital currencies, enhancing flexibility.

Trusting in AUDD:

AUDD's 1:1 backing by Australian Dollars held in custody by Novatti's subsidiary, AUDC PTY LTD, ensures its stability. Monthly audits by external auditors attest to the transparency and reliability of AUDD.

Regulatory Efforts and Compliance:

Novatti is a proactive advocate for effective fintech regulation in Australia, committed to transparency and robust participation in regulatory initiatives. Their ASX listing status, regulatory licenses, and industry expertise make them a trusted player in the fintech sector.

AUDD's integration into the XRPL DEX is a significant milestone for the Australian cryptocurrency landscape. It promises a secure, stable, and versatile means of transacting within the XRPL ecosystem. As AUDD continues to expand its presence across multiple blockchains, it is poised to become a pivotal bridge between traditional finance and the digital currency world. Stay tuned for further developments as AUDD reshapes the future of payments Down Under and beyond.

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